Brief History

The CHAKCOL Group was founded in Nigeria by Collins .C. Akanno in May 20 2010.

It initially started as a small ethnic/native clothing company House Of Joy. As the House Of Joy Clothing Co. grew, he diversified into other markets, thereby giving rise to new Companies/Ventures – Hazel Iris Graphix (a graphics/branding Company), COLNECT (a business solutions company) , CHAKCOL Clothing Co. (Corporate and casual wears) and some others still incubating.

The CHAKCOL Group website was set up to manage all the ventures and potential businesses. It is yet to become a registered conglomerate incorporated in Nigeria under its governing laws with most of its subsidiaries fully functional by that time.

By December 2010, barely 7 months since its inception, it has made quite a sum in revenue. It’s undoubtedly, one of the fastest growing companies in the Nigeria and the world at large.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals, well grounded in their respective fields ranging from tailoring, good computer and web skills, communication and customer support, that strive to deliver a job well done. We hope to do business with you at your earliest convenience.

Our Philosophy & Values

Professionalism & Quality

We are committed to high standards of professionalism and quality. Our team is well established and has long-term experience within their respective fields of expertise. We strive to deliver superior quality and reliability to our clients.

Correspondence & Open-mindedness

We believe in updating clients with the latest developments as regards any transaction they have in process with our company, thereby creating an avenue for effective company – customer relationship. We are open to ideas and urge our customers to drop us a line in the contact page that we may serve you better.

Creativity, Ingenuity & Originality

We are very dynamic and innovative, constantly seeking ways to provide hassle-free services to our clients. We are willing to take calculated risk. Thinking of new ways to do things is a crucial part of who we are. We are never content with doing something the conventional way if a better way is possible.